Elementary School

We believe that children are motivated to learn when they experience success and develop their understanding through making connections and building their learning around important concepts. In the elementary school, student development is nurtured by highly trained, caring, passionate teachers and support staff.


Literacy is a particular focus for elementary children. Students are exposed to the latest educational practices in balanced literacy based on current research and best practices from around the world. Continuums are used to monitor their progress in reading and writing and to ensure that instruction is differentiated for each child.


Learning in the elementary school is exciting! Classrooms are bright, colorful and equipped with the very best resources, including laptops for each student. Student work proudly decorates our hallways and each grade level enthusiastically shares their learning achievements throughout the year with parents and the wider school community.

A balanced standards-based academic program and deliberate attention to the development of the whole child ensures a successful transition of our Elementary School students to Middle School.