RVIS is Honored to Receive Corporate Grant from VIVA Bahrain

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Viva Bahrain Partnership International Schools
Riffa Views International School is proud to announce a new partnership with VIVA Bahrain.  This partnership is the latest in a long-term journey by RVIS toward becoming a worldwide leader in innovation and technology. From the beginning RVIS committed to infusing technology into all aspects of the school. RVIS integrated 1:1 laptops for all grades, Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms and access to high quality wireless internet in all corners of the school. Then in 2014, a community team traveled to an award winning international school in Asia recognized for its technology integration and innovative teaching and learning practices. Based on that visit, RVIS re-visioned its future with the help of partners such as International School Services in Princeton, the Bahrain Technology and Business Society, and Shekou International School in China. The new vision introduced:
an expanded social media presence
upgraded wireless connection ten times faster
global collaboration projects between our students and students in other countries
a “Bring Your Own Device” program for our secondary students
Digital Citizenship Curriculum
E-portfolios for our secondary students
Now in 2017, as the world has changed our vision for innovation is changing yet again to include such features as makerspaces throughout the school, training so that every teacher integrates technology and innovative practices, and new partnerships with regional and worldwide organizations. An October 18th ceremony marked an exciting day towards achieving the new vision. During the ceremony, CEO of VIVA Bahrain, Ulaiyan Al Wetaid and RVIS Board Chair, Atif A. Abdulmalik envisioned a close and dynamic partnership that will benefit all of Bahrain and the region.
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Dr. Kurt Nordness & Ken Davis