RVIS’s Fifth Grade Students Shine a Spotlight on Cultural Diversity

Submitted by emariano on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 11:23
Living Museum, World, Bahrain, International Schools
Excitement was in the air as Riffa Views International School proudly hosted its annual “Living Museum”. Each year the grade five students create cultural projects that helps to shine a spotlight on the diversity and internationalism within the school. Through the projects, the students explore the geography and culture of their chosen country, with the use of multiple sources. Student also have a chance to communicate their findings in a variety to ways through writing, visual representations, and oral presentations. This year the grade five students did not disappoint as they proudly displayed their knowledge. The five senses came alive with each cultural exhibit. The tastes and smells of local food, the colors and the feel of traditional clothing, and the sounds of the language, invite the audience to immerse themselves in the represented cultures. Through interactive presentations, the students demonstrated their new found knowledge with their audience. An RVIS parents stated, “The confidence in these fifth grade presenters comes from lots of preparation and teacher support. Something the school and the community should be proud of.”
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Ken Davis