Elementary Art: Making Event!

Submitted by emariano on Wed, 02/27/2019 - 06:18
Art Class, Bahrain, International School
Over the past two days, the elementary art room has been buzzing with activity! All grade levels are beginning their clay units and 4th grade has kicked it off with a bang. Parents, teachers, students, and administrators worked together for two 1.5 hour sessions in the art room. Their goal: to build and design a luminary lamp out of clay. Students spent their time leading up to this event planning, sketching designs, and cutting out paper templates. During the first ‘making’ session, flat slabs of clay were created, shapes were cut out, and the pieces were assembled to make 3D lamps. Students learned to use a slab roller for the first time; a tool used to roll out clay with an even-thickness quickly. The second session focused on design, decorating, and finishing touches. In one week, when the lamps are fully dry, they will be kiln. Afterwards, students have plans to paint or glaze their lamps. Once the lamps are complete, Mrs. O’Meara and Mr. Tarpey will take charge in leading students, parents, administrators, and volunteers to properly wire the electrical part of the lamps. Keep a look out for more updates and information!
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Nicole Cerro - Elementary Art Teacher