Embracing Diversity to make us Stronger

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Week of Compassionate Action

In RVIS, there are many different people of many different backgrounds who are here for many different reasons. The school’s diversity is one of its greatest assets. On the 18th of March during Secondary School’s Week of Compassionate Action (WOCA), multiple students who signed up for the “Appreciation Through Constructive Journalism” Class went to interview staff, janitors, and even students. Two of the interviewers, 9th Grade students named Abdulla and Rashid, went to interview a Healthy Calorie staff member, Rubel, and a student in Grade 11, Carla.

Rubel, nicknamed “Moni” as a child, is in charge of wrapping the Express Menu items for Healthy Calorie. Although he was somewhat nervous when we first started interviewing him, he eventually became more and more comfortable with our questions. We learned that he is from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and enjoys playing cricket in his spare time. His job at RVIS is his first job experience, and he says that it brings him happiness. He also enjoys Bahrain’s climate and comfortability. He is the oldest of five children, and was previously studying in college in Bangladesh. He was planning to graduate and get a government job, but family circumstances caused him to leave Bangladesh and find a job in Bahrain.

Carla is a Grade 11 student at RVIS. We learned that she is no stranger to moving to new places, since she is originally from Spain, and before moving to Bahrain, she lived in Barcelona, Madrid, then back to Barcelona, then Mexico, and finally in a village south of Catalonia. According to Carla, Bahrain is “not bad”, and she enjoys the climate, although the sandstorms are somewhat irritating. She is an only child, and she moved to Bahrain because her father acquired a job here; she also sees Bahrain as an opportunity for her to improve her English speaking skills.

These two people have many differences, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it only highlights our school’s diversity. Everyone in RVIS has differences, but everyone also has commonalities. Both of these are important in identifying who we are, and they’re important to the school’s sense of community. RVIS brings people from all around the globe together to one place and here, we share something that not many other schools have. Diversity in our school is the core of the school’s energy and personality, and our gates are open to anyone and everyone.

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