Student Art Recognition

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Student Art Recognition

Earlier in the semester, Ajyad (Grade 10) entered an online international fine arts competition hosted by Itsliquid Group. The organization chose 200 artworks out of the submissions to be displayed in their yearly international art exhibition in New York City, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

On a whim, Ajyad entered a painting she named “Cavallo di Carnevale di Venezia." The painting is an acrylic piece with a Harley Quinn pattern as a background. The colors range from yellow to burgundy in an ombré transition. After submitting her work, she received notice saying that her piece was chosen to be exhibited! Along with the winning piece, Itsliquid Group also chose another paintings from her art account (@davincis_hand) on Instagram to be featured in their exhibition.

Filled with excitement she shipped her 2 pieces of artwork to Venice, and a week later received images of them beautifully displayed in the exhibition. A month later, she was asked to do an interview with Itsliquid Group about her work and her thoughts on the experience. She stated, “As a young artist, this was my greatest accomplishment, and since I dream of going to Florence, Italy to complete my art studies, I feel as if this was an amazing opportunity as it may benefit my applications for college. This was my greatest accomplishment yet, and it has made me feel like a legitimate artist.”

Congratulations to Ajyad for following her passions!

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