IGNITE Day Secondary Overview – What will we be doing?

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Ignite Day

IGNITE Day affords us many spectacular opportunities and the time to focus on the myriad of things schools try to squeeze into an already full week. So what will we be doing? This week, we provide an overview of Secondary IGNITE Day.

Advisory: Connection is one of the most essential elements for humans are social beings. Advisory sessions will be focused on building connections and relationships with peers and the Advisory Teacher. We will also integrate socio-emotional curriculum that is age appropriate.

Intramurals: One of our goals is to ensure students emerge as confident and collaborative young adults. Playing team sports is an excellent path towards both of these aims. Students will engage in weekly intramural sessions and play competitive sports with their peers.

Clubs/Committees: Students will further gain leadership skills by serving on clubs or committees. Clubs include STUCO, Change My World, and MUN. More are still to be developed. Committees may be long-term or short term, and will allow students to be part of decision-making, organization and event planning.

Personalized Learning Seminars: The feature of IGNITE, personalized learning seminars allow students to explore a range of passion-based learning options in a short-term setting. Seminars are organized into strands, and students will have the opportunity to earn badges in key areas such as communication, innovation and etc.

Assemblies: Weekly assemblies will allow for schoolwide showcases, House assemblies and grade-level assemblies. Assemblies further allow us to connect as a community.

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Tara Waudby - Superintendent