Hair Donation - A Call to Action

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Hair Donation

On May 3rd, Hana Elsokkary donated 10 inches of her hair to Beauty Spot Salon (@beautyspotbahrain), located in Hamalah. She has been growing it for 2 years and said, “It was like getting a free haircut, but for a good cause, which was a bonus!” Beauty Spot Bahrain is collaborating with the Little Princess Trust foundation (@officiallittleprincesstrust) from the UK. This foundation provides free hair wigs for people up to age 24.

The founders were inspired by their own daughter, Hannah Tarplee, who was devastated and traumatized when she started losing her hair and was unable to find a suitable wig. After she passed, her parents decided to help others and developed this foundation. Additionally, they are funding treatments to end cancer. In 2016, they were awarded over 2.8 million and shared it between 34 hand-selected cancer fighting projects.

he wigs are manufactured and given for free to patients in need so the foundation must raise money through donations. These donations go towards the process of manufacturing, storage, salon fees, etc. and so they need your help! Hana stated, “I want to call people to action to give and to motivate others to help out this great cause. Even if you have short hair and you want to help out, you can donate money on their website.” So far, the foundation has provided 7,500 real hair wigs in UK and Ireland, and hoping to help out the millions more.

Now go out there and save the world!
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