An Exciting Year in PE

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International School Bahrin
On behalf of the RVIS Athletic Department, I want to welcome you all to a fabulous new year of Dolphin curricular and co-curricular activities. I want to first of all briefly outline our programs for the coming year. We are looking to create opportunities for all students to achieve success in PE. Through our mission, we hope to personalise every student’s journey through physical education, uncovering what drives them, what their interests are; what ignites their passions. All of these factors will impact how and what we teach, learn and assess in PE class. It really will be a collaborative process involving all stakeholders. The RVIS PE Curriculum will use the Shape America standards and grade level outcomes, centering around the following activity categories: Target, Net and Wall, Invasion/Territory, Striking and fielding and Individual pursuits. Ultimately, the goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthy physical activity. In addition this year, from October onwards,we are excited to announce that the Elementary School will take part in ‘weekly’ swimming classes, facilitated by our swimming partner, North Pole Sports. More on this will be communicated in the coming weeks. We are also very excited to introduce IntraMurals to all students from Grade 1 - 12 through our IGNITE days. It will be an opportunity for all students to take part in organised weekly games and activities. A few reminders: Students should avoid wearing any jewelry for PE class. Only authorised RVIS PE uniform should be worn. Optional grey shorts/trousers or regular school uniform for Nursery - Grade 3. Grades 4 - Grade 10 are required to wear the RVIS black PE Athletic shirt and shorts. Please ensure that your child has the correct footwear, with non-marking soles. We are all incredibly excited and encouraged by the first few days of school and look forward to the year ahead.
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Marcus Waudby - Director of Athletics & Co-Curricular