Teachers Engage Student Passions to Spark Learning & Dialogue

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Climate Change
Highlight from Dr. Bicker’s Advisory During the first week of school my Grade 10 advisory girls class generated a list of topics they wanted to explore this year as a way to personalize their learning. Our topic for this week was Climate Change. This was timely given that 16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg had spoken at the UN Climate Action Summit the previous day. The girls displayed great empathy as they watched and discussed Greta’s passionate and emotional speech on the future of their planet. The girls then used role play cards to imagine they were teenagers from different parts of the world. The lifestyle of some of these teenagers in developed countries had a negative impact on climate. Conversely, the teenagers in developing countries were themselves impacted by changes in climate, particularly through a disrupted food supply. We concluded the role play with a fruitful discussion of how young people who live in countries that have the least impact on climate change, are the ones being impacted the most.
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Dr. Gary Bicker