Volleyball Season Concludes

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Hello Dolphin Sports fans! Throughout the past week, our Dolphin Volleyball players have been competing in their End of Season Tournaments. All of our young athletes performed admirably and continued to be an absolute credit to themselves and RVIS. Perhaps overawed by their respective occasions, our teams were unsuccessful in their attempts to take home a BPSL Trophy this time around. A summary of the final placings are as follows: sports status What we can ALL do is hold our heads high, knowing that we have 'punched way above our weight' this season. Our coaches; Darren Adam, Callie Bushmiller, Dana Wells, Camy Bistriceanu and myself have seen the enormous progress our student-athletes have made this season, as have many of you that regularly support our teams. We are also proud to have the best support team in the business, led by Courtney and Dhara. Has this season been a success? Success can be measured in many ways. Winning banners and trophies are great, of course. Another measure of success is the number of players in the program, the commitment they show on a weekly basis. The enjoyment they get out of playing sports and representing the school. This season we have had 63 students represent the Volleyball program at RVIS. This is a staggering 31% of the total student population in the Secondary School, playing competitive sports! With our Volleyball IntraMurals supplementing the competitive program, the percentage of our students playing volleyball then heads into the 95+ percentile. These are Gold Standard numbers. Schools in the BPSL are considerably larger in student numbers (one school recently topping the 3000+ mark). Given our size, RVIS will continue to be the perennial underdog. From what I have seen this season and what other schools are beginning to realise, is that 'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.' Bring on the Football and Basketball seasons... Go Dolphins!
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Marcus Waudby - Director of Athletics and Co-Curricular