Pecha Kucha: A Night to Celebrate Failure

Submitted by emariano on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 07:15
Pecha Kucha
Last Wednesday, LEVEL 5 hosted its first Pecha Kucha event of the year with a focus on the failure as one of life’s most important lessons. Pecha Kucha is a Jappaniese style of concise storytelling where presenters have a slide deck of 20 images that automatically change every 20 seconds. The presenters shared an eclectic array of stories including creation of a youtube channel, lifting weights to get “buff”, and even the failure to never fail at anything. It was an evening of laughter, sharing, and a lot of fun. Shockingly, there were no epic failures throughout the sharing of these stories! For more events that will spark creativity and innovation in school and the Riffa Views Community, check out the full listing of events taking place at LEVEL 5!
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Luke Meinen
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Pecha Kucha, Level 5
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