Oasis Boys Captain Summary

Submitted by emariano on Wed, 11/27/2019 - 07:23
Secondary Sports, Varsity , Volleyball
As Captain for the trip to Dubai, it was my role to lead and organise the team in order to produce the best results. When being abroad whilst playing sports, it can be particularly difficult, seeing as you are against teams you have never faced. Over the span of this 4 day trip, the team, although it may only have been 6 players, we really bonded and gave it all we had to produce the result of 4th overall. The first half of the trip was very disheartening as we couldn’t pull out a win despite our persistent effort. Every game was a fight to the finish and we never lost hope. Wise words from Coach Adam and Power hitter Kamal Badri helped bring the team back onto their feet after the losses began to pile up. However, when day 3 rolled around, all the close matches and the ‘ we could’ve won that” began to take precedence. The boys won their first game of the tournament when it mattered most in the Quarter finals, against the 2nd seed team in straight sets winning 2-0. What a way to come back! But, to our dismay we fell short in the final set of the semi’s by a 15-10 loss. The trip was a unique experience that I would do again in an instant. The culture of such an incredible city was shown to us through quad biking and dune bashing and our wallets were empty by the time we left the infamous Dubai Mall. We represented RVIS in the most respectable and honourable way and were rewarded by winning the Team Sportsmanship award. Our competitive approach coupled with a friendly and sportsman like approach definitely left an impact for our return next year
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Aiden Jones