Ignite Day - A Dog’s Purpose

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A dog's purpose
‘A Dog’s Purpose’ seminar, continues to LOVE Ignite days and what we are learning about the wonderful world of dogs. We have had the opportunity to meet some local dog experts and to interact with their 4-legged friends. Last week we visited Delmon Boarding Kennels in Barbar where we talked about dogs at different life stages - puppies, young dogs in training, and senior dogs. We met all types of breeds of dogs and learned a lot about their different needs and suitability as pets. A highlight of this seminar has been working with Dr. Sarah Clarke and learning about her work with Educational Assistance Dogs. We had a chance to meet, ‘Baloo’, the well known RIA Center for Special Needs, support dog. Yesterday, Nadia, who works with Dr. Sarah, visited RVIS with her beautifully trained dog, Juno! Some individual student highlights of the seminar have been: Layla - “Having the opportunity to interact with the dogs and getting to know their personalities” Youssef - “Learning from experts here in Bahrain about lots of important dog facts and needs” Mahmoud - “Having a better understanding of how dogs change during their life and the important work of the BSPCA to protect dogs here in Bahrain.”
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A dog's purpose
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