House News

Submitted by emariano on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 07:23
Students have been involved in a number of house activities lately, most recently, a trivia quiz bowl of general knowledge. This began with a preliminary stage to select a team from each house, and culminated in the representatives of each house competing in the final. Dilmun achieved victory in an exciting final, helping them to move up in the house leader board. In addition, Aradous were crowned house quarterly champions for their points total of 541. Points are awarded throughout the quarter for school attendance, punctuality, attendance at sports events, intramurals, and mystery challenges that have included showing kindness. Awal are currently in 2nd place with 516, Dilmun are in 3rd with 509, and Tylos are in 3rd with 413. No doubt these positions will change after winter break as students continue to show a spirit of competitiveness.
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