International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities
On the International Day of persons with disabilities, December 3, RVIS organized an Activity Day for children with disabilities. As part of the Compassion Summit and Housing Project IGNITE Day Seminars, the children hosted 52 kids with disabilities, the kid's age was between 3 and 6 years. RVIS students created various activities to develop a day of joy and fun, they played basketball, watched movies, and played educational games in LEVEL 5, ending with lunch together. It was a truly inspiring day, and our students were talented enough to lead the activities of this day in a very professional way, which made our guests happy in a day filled with joy and connection. RVIS students were amazing hosts and we are so impressed with their compassion and leadership.
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Tara Waudby - Superintendent
Ignite Day