Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Gary Bicker

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Dr. Gary Bicker
Create a living museum. Build ancient monuments in Minecraft. Write a narrative story about Ancient Rome. Study the human geography of Mt. Everest. Write a case for or against the use of the Atom Bomb during WWII. Design a video about World Peace. These are the innovative, engaging and thought-provoking projects Dr. Bicker’s students are working on over the next month. Amazed? So are we! Project-based learning (PBL) is an effective instructional method by which students engage in a project for an extended period of time to explore an authentic question, investigate solutions and showcase their work, and it very much aligns with the RVIS mission and goals of personalization and learner agency. PBL is not new to Dr. Bicker who states, "I have employed Project Based Learning as my main strategy since my first year of teaching. Projects create excitement, while tests create fear, so PBL is a no-brainer in my view.” It is no wonder he gets messages such as these from his students: “Thank you very much for assigning interesting, engaging, fun projects like these. I've never seen anything like it before! I'm looking forward to getting started.” Dr. Bicker has been leading RVIS students on these amazing quests for the past four years. Not only is the learning authentic and engaging, it involves complex problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, research, questioning, collaboration and public speaking, all invaluable skills for our students. This semester, Dr. Bicker is mentoring a student teacher as she completes her practicum in his class. What a feat to complete student teaching during Virtual School, but she could not have a better mentor than Dr. Bicker, with his expertise in PBL and experience teaching Virtual School previously. Please take a moment to recognize Dr. Bicker and the many talents he contributes to RVIS. Thank you Dr. Bicker!
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