Riffa Views International School Service Projects Continue to Give Back to the People of Bahrain

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Service is a cornerstone of the culture at RVIS. Through various groups and projects, RVIS students provide service both locally and internationally. Within Bahrain, one of the major projects is the “Riffa Views In Action” (RVIA) Housing Project. Since its inception in 2016, the students at RVIS have organized a majority of the fundraising as well as building contractors. Last year, the RVIS students raised over 11,000 BD, and helped to renovate a house in Riffa that changed the lives of the four families who live there. Building on the success of last year, the RVIA students have doubled their efforts and set out to renovate two local homes. After viewing nine houses, the students selected two, based on need and scope of repairs. The first location is a home to fourteen family members and is in desperate need of a new roof and a functioning kitchen. The couple in the second home have relied on renting rooms in their house as income but in recent years, the house has fallen into disrepair which as limited their ability to maintain their income. RVIS students are hoping that with their help, they can assist the couple in establishing a stable income again so that they can support their family. Successful fundraising is a major aspect of the success of this project. Thus far, the students have raised 16,000 BD by holding appointments with interested Bahraini companies and through school fundraisers. Currently, the students are a little over halfway to meeting their funding goal of 26,000 BD. “The success of these projects comes down to the hard work of the students. We hope our students’ endless dedication, and commitment to service continue to inspire others to give back to their community and their country,” stated an RVIS parent who has worked closely with the housing project. If you are interested in donating to the project, please call 1656-5000 or visit Shaikh Salman or Ms. Robinette for more information. For more exciting information about RVIA and the impact it has on student learning, please check out the the International Schools Services Website.
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