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Al Hutaim Transportation and Tourism Company, provides a convenient and professional bus service for RVIS students. RVIS and Al Hutaim have partnered to ensure that students are safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Buses are limited to half capacity and students and students wear masks throughout the trip. The buses are disinfected after each drop off to maintain the highest cleaning standards.   

Al Hutaim also provides bus service for after school activities and sporting events so students have the opportunity to participate in all the school has to offer. 

Rates, information and the application form are linked below. Questions should be referred directly to Al Hutaim Transportation and Tourism Company.

Al Hutaim also provides bus service to and from Saudi Arabia for students enrolled in RVIS. 

Please note that Al Hutaim Transportation is not a service provided directly by RVIS. Parents wishing to use this system will contract with Al Hutaim directly. Any concerns or questions regarding the bus service should be forwarded to Al Hutaim at one of the following:

Mobile: (973) 3656 2644
Office: (973) 1740 4603
Jassim: (973) 3946 9951
Aqeel: (973) 3656 2644
Email: alhutaimtravel@yahoo.com

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