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The RVIS school uniform is designed to provide choice for RVIS students while at the same time ensuring that RVIS student dress reflects well on the school and conforms to the cultural and social norms of Bahrain. Students are expected to wear the school uniform at all times at school, or when attending school activities out of school. Students who arrive to school not wearing their uniform may be required to go home and change. All RVIS uniforms must be purchased at the House of Uniforms in Al Ali Shopping Mall (beside Seef Mall); Telephone +973 1773 0650. The House of Uniforms opening hours are daily from 10:00 AM am to 9:00 PM pm.

The following information will be important as you purchase new uniforms and accessories.


Students must wear comfortable school or sports shoes in white, gray or black. Sports shoes should be worn on the days students have P.E. lessons.

Socks should also be white, gray or black. 

Grey, black, or white tights for girls

All skirts will need to be knee length

Nursery - Grade 5 Green
Grade 6-12 Gray

P.E Uniforms:
A separate P.E. uniform will be worn in grades 1-12. 

Purchasing: House of Uniforms is located in Al Ali Mall in the Seef Area.
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