Futures Planning
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Sports and Activites
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RVIS was founded with the goal to Lead the Future of Learning while maintaining cultural ties to the country of Bahrain. This goal came with the belief that personalized learning in small group settings would propel students to have a deeper sense of identity and reach greater academic success.

Ignite Passions

RVIS has maintained clear values and beliefs since its founding, focusing on personalized education and innovation while maintaining a sense of culture and identity. During the 2017/18 school year, RVIS engaged students, parents and teachers to re-imagine the mission while staying true to our founding values.
Personalization Pie Chart

Our revised mission was finalized alongside our belief that personalization is our core strength as a school. RVIS is intentionally small, which allows teachers to support student learning in an intentional way. Students are given opportunities to lead their own learning through personalized, collaborative unit development and passion projects.
Personalization Components

Each one of these components is part of a larger mosaic that results in well-rounded students with a firm sense of identity, a strong academic foundation grounded in creativity and innovation and most importantly, happy people who will find success wherever they go.
System Coherence

The mission and hedgehog are closely aligned with the strategic goals, and our ultimate aim remains the same as it did upon our founding in 2008: to lead the future of learning by providing a personalized education focused on innovative pedagogies and community wellbeing.
Little Boy On Swing
RVIS Student
Boy Wearing Glasses
RVIs Student In Degree Uniform

We want to ensure our family is kept up to date with all the exciting accomplishments each year.
Click below to access the exciting journey of the 2020-2021 school year!

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