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Igniting Imaginations: The Success of RVIS's First STEAM Event

By Ken Davis
Director of Marketing and Admissions
Published: 2023-09-20 05:44:54

Riveting catapults and soaring imaginations marked the inaugural STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) event at RVIS this past Thursday.

Middle school students in grades 6 through 8, along with parent volunteers, gathered to participate in the school's first STEAM event. The challenge was to build a functional catapult using a variety of materials such as wood, rubber bands, tape, nails, screws, and plastic cups. The tools made available for the event were hammers, saws, drill presses, screwdrivers, and drills.

Goals and Competition

The event featured two competitive elements: farthest launch and most accurate launch. Students divided into teams and worked collaboratively to construct their catapults, focusing not just on power, but also on precision.

"The real aim is to get the students deeply engaged in hands-on, collaborative problem-solving that integrates several disciplines," said one of the event organizers Amy O'Meara. 


This event serves as the first in a series of STEAM-focused activities planned for the school year. It's part of a larger initiative that aims to integrate STEAM education across all grade levels, starting from Nursery to grade 12.

"With this event, we're setting the groundwork for a comprehensive STEAM program that is designed to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century," stated Ken Davis, a member of the school's leadership team. 

Future Outlook

Given the event's success, the RVIS community is more energized than ever to continue this educational journey. As the school year progresses, more STEAM events will be unveiled to engage students in active, interdisciplinary learning.

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Parent Meetings
Student-led Conferences
By: Ken Davis
Director of Marketing and Admissions
Published: 2023-11-22 05:59:02
Last Thursday's student-led conferences at RVIS continued to strengthen the home-school connection. These conferences offered a unique platform for students to lead the dialogue about their academic journey, directly involving their parents in their learni...
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