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Instilling Robust Digital Citizenship in Elementary Students

By Ken Davis
Director of Marketing and Admissions
Published: 2023-10-04 06:16:01

In the vast expanse of the digital world, RVIS upholds the pivotal role of integrating digital citizenship into elementary school education. Through the program,  RVIS students start to learn the skills that will help them not merely navigate but thrive and act safely in the online environment. Below, you will find a broad overview of what the digital citizenship program looks like at each level of elementary school.

Kindergarten: The foundation is laid, where young minds explore the digital realm with curiosity, learning to employ the alphabet to sift through the internet. It is here that the seed of online safety is sown, teaching them the essence of withholding personal information and safeguarding privacy.

  • Grade 1: A step forward is taken as students delve deeper, understanding the skills of safe website navigation, the art of effective keyword usage, and the discernment of recognizing appropriate websites.
  • Grade 2: RVIS instills a spirit of connectedness and respectful communication. Second graders learn how to craft secure passwords, and communicate via email with clarity and respect.
  • Grade 3: Emphasizing responsibility, Grade 3 students are guided to comprehend the effects of their online actions on their identity and the wider community. They navigate through understanding digital responsibility, managing their online identity, and handling cyber conflict.
  • Grade 4: Forging a path towards becoming responsible digital creators, students in Grade 4 learn to navigate the complexities of online sharing, understand the implications of their digital footprints, become defenders against cyberbullying, and comprehend their creative rights and duties, promoting a safe and constructive online environment.
  • Grade 5: Here, students dissect concepts of media balance, navigate through the deceptive allure of clickbait, explore the dynamics of online friendships, combat cyberbullying, and dissect online articles, striking a balance between technology and holistic development.

RVIS ensures that these learned skills and values aren't merely theoretical but are intertwined with practical, real-world application, and preparing them to be future-ready. The journey through the elementary years, guided by principles of diversity and student agency, helps students become informed, empathetic, and secure digital citizens.

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