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Our Secondary Principal

By Deena Alreefy
Marketing and Community Relations Liaison
Published: 2021-09-08 05:41:00

LaKeicia Denson: Beyond the Captivating Smile…

We all know the charming Ms. LaKeicia Denson as the Secondary Principal of Riffa Views International School, and the former Assistant Principal at North Atlanta High School in Georgia, USA. Ms. Denson holds an Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S) in Interrelated Education and a Director of Special Education Seal with Administration Certification from Clark Atlanta University. She also holds a Masters of Education (M.Ed) in Special Education and Behavioral Disorders and a Bachelors of Administration (BBA) from the University of West Georgia. She's passionate about helping youngsters to advocate for themselves and find their unique learning styles. LaKeicia is a world traveler with a global mindset who can charm anyone with her smile. But what is behind the wise eyes, knowledgeable mind, and captivating smile?

“My grandmother would straighten my hair every morning before school and decorate it with bows and ribbons.” Ms. Denson said with a giggle knowing that these bows rarely made it back home at the end of the day. Growing up, LaKeicia was especially close to her stepfather who took her to countless baseball games and WWF smackdowns. And when she wasn't cheering in the bleachers, she climbed trees and played basketball with her favorite cousin Tyrone. “I was an absolute tomboy,” she said. LaKeicia believes that each and every being has a purpose and that's what got her through some difficult times as Denson's adolescence was not a breezy walk in the park, but she was determined to rise and flourish. “I always knew I was different, '' she said. In high school, LaKeicia's academic excellence, athletic spirit, and involvement in an array of extra-curricular activities distinguished her.

Denson's thirst for empowering others and helping them find their voice, path, passion, and purpose in life is what wakes her up every morning with a smile. “I would like to be remembered as someone who makes people feel loved and encouraged. I want to make people feel like they can accomplish anything!” she said.

LaKeicia's essence embodies RVIS's mission of Igniting Passion, Personalizing the Journey, and Impacting through Action.

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Marketing and Community Relations Liaison
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