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Sports and Activites
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Last Weeks Badminton Results
By Deena AlReefy
Marketing & Community Relations Liaison
Published: 2021-11-24 06:13:39

A badminton tournament was held at IKNS on Monday the 15th, for youth under 13. This tournament is the first to be held for single players and six schools have participated.

The RVIS team of six students has been practicing for this tournament for two months and performed exceptionally throughout the event. Each student played four games and one student won 3rd place in the girl's competition.

Coach Khulood commented ‘I am so proud of the achievements of the RVIS badminton team, they have done their best, and showed amazing sportsmanship. I can see them growing and achieving much more in upcoming events.'

Field Trip
Grade 4 Field Trip
By: Milan Fry
Grade 4 Teacher
Published: 2021-12-08 06:57:07
In our Social Studies unit, we are studying how nature affected the development of different ancient civilizations around the world. A trip to the Bahrain Fort Museum helped our students explore and learn more about the Dilmun Civilization and connect thei...
Pre-K Camping Event
By: Muneera Al Khalifa
Grade 12
Published: 2021-12-08 06:53:17
RVIS Pre-K students enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor fun in a camping event held last Wednesday in the Early Childhood Playground. The camping day was designed to fit into their current unit about changing seasons. Students took part in experiential learnin...
Sports Day at RVIS
By: Muneera Al Khalifa
Grade 12 Students
Published: 2021-12-01 07:51:05
The four house colors: red, blue, yellow and green dominated the field as students represented their houses last Thursday for Sports Day. All throughout the day, RVIS students had the opportunity to participate in games and compete in mini-sport tournament...
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