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LEVEL 5 TeachMeet

By Deena Al Reefy
Marketing & Community Relations Liaison
Published: 2022-02-02 05:26:03

Riffa Views International School holds a MENA TeachMeet on lessons from the pandemic

LEVEL 5 Innovation Hub at Riffa Views International School conducted a virtual TeachMeet for the Middle East and North Africa region that shed light on the lessons learned from the pandemic and ways of enhancing modern education. The session was held on Saturday January 29, 2022 and included a number of presentations by educators and leaders sharing successful experiences, best practices and tips on modernizing education. The workshop was attended by 126 participants in the education field from various countries in the MENA region and beyond.

The TeachMeet was moderated by Mr. Zahi Wehbe, Director of LEVEL 5 at Riffa Views International School, in which 11 educators presented teaching strategies and techniques learned during the pandemic. These short presentations were based on the exploration of technical and digital means of delivery including programs, applications, smart games, and social platforms such as Google forms, Esports, and digital escape room.

Ms. Jo Garrahy, Head of Riffa Views International School shared the importance of TeachMeet in providing a supportive forum that connects educators and leaders committed to sharing best educational practice. She stated, “given the current challenges schools face with providing in-person professional development, virtual TeachMeet connects and supports educators across the region and beyond. Ms Garrahy went on to say, “RVIS is proud of LEVEL 5 and the school's ongoing commitment to lead innovation and the integration of modern technology in everyday teaching.”

On his part, Mr. Zahi Wehbe, pointed out that the LEVEL 5 Innovation Hub is not limited to Riffa Views International School alone, but open to the wider community. LEVEL 5 continuously hosts events and workshops for students and educators both locally and internationally. The session showcased the ingenuity educators demonstrated in leveraging digital platforms to develop students' skills, and enhance their academic experience during the pandemic.

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Marketing and Community Relations Liaison
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Marketing and Community Relations Liaison
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Director of Marketing and Admissions
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