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RVIS Partners with Ebtikar and Aion Digital

By Muneera Al Khalifa
Grade 12 Students
Published: 2022-02-21 04:14:24

A future of creativity and innovation awaits LEVEL 5 and RVIS students as a signing ceremony was held on Thursday to celebrate the school's new partnership with Ebtikar and Aion Digital. Both companies are dedicated to bringing a new level of innovation and technology to the education system.

The event began with a speech from Ms. Jo Garrahy, Head of School, where she expressed that this partnership “will benefit students of RVIS and further equip them to be future-driven, creative and inspirational leaders of tomorrow.” 

After signing an MOU, Mr. Zahi Wehbe, Director of LEVEL 5, gave a presentation where he discussed potential projects that will be launched in the near future. These projects include artificial intelligence workshops, a realistic flight simulator and competing in international robotics competitions. 

The group discussed that the required skills for future success are evolving in the wake of technological innovation, and that it's important to expose students to these skills and opportunities. “With this partnership, we will build a bridge between education and industry, and give our children and youth the tools for a better future” said Mr. Al Khaja, president of Ebtikar.

Riffa Views International School Hosts Annual Innovation Day
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Marketing and Community Relations Liaison
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Moving Up
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Marketing and Community Relations Liaison
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Moving Up
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Director of Marketing and Admissions
Published: 2024-06-11 10:06:37
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